The lectures will take place from Monday 23 to Friday 28 (the final lecture will end around 12 on Friday). Accommodations will be available from Sunday, 22th 3 pm to Friday, 28th 2pm.

List of confirmed speakers:

  • J-C. Augereau (IPAG, France)
  • M. Chaussidon (IPGP, France)
  • M. Delbo (Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, France)
  • C. Dominik (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • J. Drążkowska (LMU Munich, University Observatory, Germany)
  • J-F. Gonzalez (ENS Lyon, France)
  • D. Hezel (Universität zu Köln, Germany)
  • A. Johansen (Lund University, Sweden)
  • T. Kleine (University of Munster, Germany)
  • Y. Marrocchi (CRPG-CNRS, Lorraine University, France)
  • S. Okuzumi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
  • L. Piani (CRPG-CNRS, Lorraine University, France)
  • S. Raymond (Bordeaux University, France)
  • P. Rousselot (OSU THETA, Franche-Comté University, France)
  • S. Russell (NHM, United Kingdom)
  • B. Zanda (MNHN, France)

 Provisional program of the week:

Monday 248h30-8h45Yves MarrocchiWelcome and information 
8h45-10hYves MarrocchiStructures and compositions of meteorites
10h30-12hPhilippe RousselotPhysical properties and composition of comets
17h-19hCarsten DominikDust in protoplanetary disks
20h30-22hSara RussellRefractory inclusions
Tuesday 258h30-9h30Carsten DominikDust evolution in protoplanetary disk
10h-12hThorsten KleineChronology of planetesimal formation
16h30-18hMarc ChaussidonChondrules: questions on their origin and precursors
18h-19h30Joanna DrążkowskaDust evolution and its connection to planetesimal formation
20h30-22hPoster session
Wednesday 268h30-10hJean-François GonzalezDust pile-up in the protoplanetary disk
10h30-12h30Anders JohansenForming planetesimals by the streaming instability
16h30-18hSatoshi OkuzumiGrowth and porosity evolution of protoplanetary dust particles
18h-19h30Marco DelboConstraints on initial size distribution of planetesimals
Thursday 278h30-10hJean-Charles AugureauDebris disks: dust and planetesimals in extrasolar planetary systems
10h30-12h30Laurette PianiChondritic water and volatiles
17h-19hSean RaymondWater delivery to Earth and rocky bobies
20h30-22hPoster session
Friday 288h30-10hDominik HezelChondrule-Matrix complementarity
10h30-12hBrigitte ZandaThe chondritic assemblage : are genetic links between chondritic components established?
12h-12h30Yves MarrocchiConclusions